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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Trócaire - Global Gifts

I don't usually act on emails asking for plugs but when you get one that is from a really good cause such as Trócaire how can you resist? Alan Whelan, their Web Editor must be truly searching the Irish Blogosphere to have happened upon That Friday Feeling, so hats off to him and his hard work! We've all heard about Global Gifts but do we actually take the time to send one? Well, if you haven't yet done so, there is still time. Trócaire cannot now guarantee postal delivery of Global Gifts before Christmas but you can still buy one and have it delivered electronically as an e-card. So, go on, give something with true meaning this Christmas.

Even if you have all your Christmas pressies bought why not do what I've just done and spend a few spare euros on a small extra gift - sure you'd spend it on a few pints! (You can buy global gifts for as little as €15, which will result in some chicks being delivered to some needy family)

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Doris said...

Nice one Curly!

It has been simply ages since I've been to visit and have so much to catch up on I see. Oh goody :-)

Meanwhile, I want to wish you a fantabulously happy Christmas and an excellent year ahead.


Curly K said...

Doris - belated happy Christmas to you, Mr. Doris and all yours and a fantabulous new year too! (hugs back :))