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Monday, July 31, 2006

Yummy mummys rule!

Yummy mummys rule, it's official. Any fellow singleton women should sit up and take note. Everytime I go out with any of my friends who have recently become mums, I swear they are men magnets. Maybe it's just the fact that they really just want to have a great night away from nappies, bottles and the little darlings but it's like having your own personal man attractor sitting beside you.

Friday night I went out with a good friend of mine and had a great night out. I didn't meet anyone or anything like that but we had such a laugh and the amount of guys who came up chatting to us was incredible for small town Ireland. That said, I do think Friday night is also a factor, I always enjoy Friday nights so much more than Saturdays. It's a much more relaxed night out and whilst they're are fewer people out I think often the crowd is much more interesting.

So from now on I'm dragging my friends who have joined the Yummy Mummy club out with me every Friday - if I can entice them away from colic, nappies, breastfeeding/making up bottles, or sitting waiting for the progeny to do something such as smile!

PS Curly K was very virtuous on Saturday night, stayed in, no alcohol and in bed early - finally am getting sense (although the fact I had a gypy tummy and was knackered might have had more to do with it!)

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