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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Christ, no wonder there's carnage on our roads!

This post comes to you from Dublin Airport on this beautiful Tuesday morning. Boy am I glad to be here at all. Talk about taking your life in your hands driving on any main route to Dublin from anytime after 6.30am! Seriously it is no wonder that the carnage levels are rising daily. I drove sitting just touching the 100km mark on my speedometer and the amount of dangerous overtaking I witnessed on the road this morning really shocked me. I drive around the country quite a lot for work but today takes some beating. I truly hope that those lunatics that overtook two and three cars at a time today put those few extra minutes they may have gained to good use. What was the point, the traffic was really heavy, so they end up weaving like lunatics - to get there maybe ten minutes earlier? What is really aggravating is that if they'd just sat at a nice steady speed and avoided causing others to have to brake to let them in when they misjudged their overtaking distances then everyone would have been travelling at more steady speed, in a safer manner and perhaps some of the atrocities that we have witnessed on our roads recently could have been avoided.

Don't get me wrong, I don't claim to be a perfect driver but I would never overtake on bad bends, in heavy traffic across a full white line. I lost count of the number of cars I witnessed doing just that this morning.

End of rant. I'm off to to the hopefully sunny continent for work. Hopefully I shall be able to smoke in bars, buy cheap cigarettes, oh and of course, work very, very hard.

Will log on again as soon I can. Meanwhile, drive carefully out there.

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winds said...

"in when they misjudged their overtaking distances"

they don't misjudge. They exploit the fact that people will try to avoid an accident. It's cynical and evil. I think they should be hung out to dry for it.

Kev said...

Dont get me started on these lunatics, or i'll be here all day!

Driving is less of a pleasure each time I get behind the wheel.



Omaniblog said...

Isn't it likely that most of them never had any proper driving tuition, never did a driving test and might not even be insured?