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Thursday, July 27, 2006

The weekend approacheth!

Well almost there again - thank God / crunchie / fuck (delete as appropriate)! Won't be around tomorrow as have to go out of town for a meeting. For once I'm actually glad not to be driving, despite usually loving it. No, I've really gone off Fridays for driving, every gobshite in the country is rushing to go somewhere and the jams in a lot of rural towns on primary routes are a bloody nightmare. So folks, tomorrow I'm being driven for a change, alas though it doesn't mean I can leave any later so early start in the morning!

Well not going to say I'm heading on the tear this weekend, it so didn't work last weekend. Gorgeous, reasonably priced meal with the aul pair last Friday but I'd nearly go so far as to say that Saturday night was a waste of time to get dolled up for; the late bar was nothing short of a cattle mart, there wasn't room to breathe.

So this weekend I'm going out for another meal with a good friend to play catch-up since she joined the Yummy Mummy club and Saturday I'll probably take it easy. Although I am invited to a party which will probably be good craic. Maybe I will go, what are the chances of losing a couple of stone in a day???? Jaysus, I am truly an eternal optimist.

Have a good one folks, and as they used to say in NYPD Blue, be careful out there.

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Conor said...

Old age is catching up on ya missus. You have your decades confused. That was Hill St Blues. 1981!

Curly K said...

Just keeping my two readers on their toes! Nah, of course you're right, but then are you ever wrong oh Guru??