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Monday, July 17, 2006

What a weekend!

Well, landed back into Dublin Airport in the middle of the Friday afternoon rush and getting out the big smoke was a nightmare but I eventually made it home in time to rush to get the false tan on for the wedding the next day.

The wedding - what can I say - it was a great day. Despite having to bump into my ex who was nearer Mr. Right than poor old Mr. Right Now ever was. Discovered the money I'd spent on the beautiful jacket was wasted as it was such a beautiful day. Danced like a diva all night, despite being arthritic and having blisters that I'd managed to acquire whilst abroad. Drank like a fish and yet remained relatively sober all night. Had good fun with people I'd never met before and was even informed by the ex that he'd f***ed up in letting me go! Shan't read too much into the comment as a lot of drink had been consumed by that time! All in all a great day despite my dread of it prior to the big day - the dread of attending a wedding alone is omnipresent for those of us who are single.

Very tired today however, think all the flights, meetings and dancing and drinking at the wedding are catching up!

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Paige A Harrison said...

In my experience, what men say when drunk if usually what they'd like to say (but can't/won't) when sober.

The paragraph describing how you were pursued relentlessly by the best man and his father seems not to have been posted!

I take the view that weddings are an ideal opportunity to show a large number of men what they missed by rushing into marriages of their own! You have a duty to the sisterhood to dance gracefully and look hot!

Curly K said...

Paige: Your first comment certainly gives me food for thought although after nearly a year I think he'd have said something sooner if that was the way he felt. Not sure I want to hear him wax lyrical about me anymore - I'm usually the type, when it's over, it's over.

The best man and his father are both very happily men and wouldn't dream of making passes - there are always good men out there.

However, I did my duty to the sisterhood and danced (not always gracefully perhaps), looked as good as I could and was charm personified all night!

TheCatGirlSpeaks said...

I agree with Paige - often it's easier to say things you really want to when you've had a few. Or there's the other side to that - when the drink's in, the wit's out... Nonetheless, they say the best revenge is living well and I bet he was filled with regret at seeing what a fox you are, false tan and all!

Curly K said...

Well I had the tan CatGirl but can't exactly say my lardy arse was looking foxy but probably as good as it gets for me - taking into account that the photo posted is not me - more like a representation as per twenty et al!

Omaniblog said...

"there are always good men out there..." - now isn't that a change of mood from the old days? Or is it simply my imagination?

Great to hear you sounding so sound.

On the question of what men may say when under the influence of drink:

(1) a strong possibility that they'll say what they imagine might get them into sexual relations.
(2) a good chance that they'll let their guard down and say something that might be meant for another person.
(3) a fair possibility they'll say something they know they can deny later if it gets them into trouble
(4) a chance that they'll say the opposite of what they meant without realising it.

(5) a slight chance that they'll say something sincere loaded with meaning, and not be able to remember who they said it to later.

Too much drink sends me to sleep.

Curly K said...

Omani: I have to say I was always positive that there are good men out there, just despairing sometimes of how hard it is to meet them. With regard to what was said in drink - who knows what he meant? I certainly won't be dwelling on the matter.