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Friday, July 07, 2006

The skinny on what's been happening with Curly K!

Briefly what's been happening with me since I last logged on is as follows:

  • George Clooney still hasn't returned my phone calls - bastard!
  • Have yet to lose about five stone and turn into a sex goddess - why?
  • Mr. Right Now has become Mr. Gone - couldn't do it any longer, he was a lovely guy but so not for me, so I'm single again - what's new?
  • Practically every female friend and acquintance I know is pregnant - seriously!
  • Have a wedding to go to very soon - great!
  • Found an outfit that fits and looks good for the day that is not a dress - fantastic!
  • But have to go alone - shite!
  • Plus my ex from just before Mr. Right Now will be there - even bigger shite!
  • Will be out of the country again most of next week with work - grand
  • Get to visit another place I've not yet been - brilliant!


Paige A Harrison said...

Let me get this straight. You are flying in from abroad to go to an Irish wedding, you have a stunning new outfit, you aren't pregnant and you are footloose and fancy free. Where exactly is the problem?

Expect to be pursued by all eligible young men and their fathers!

Curly K said...

I suppose you're right Paige - except about the name but all is forgiven!

Omaniblog said...

And I don´t see any need to book yourself into Lisdoonvarna for September...

Paige A Harrison said...

Apologies Curly K, I was speed reading and commenting and I'd just read Knackered Kaz moments before Curly K. A mistake anyone could make!

Curly K said...

Omani: will have to unbook me ticket so!
Paige: easy mistake, wish I was as skinny as Kaz though!

TheCatGirlSpeaks said...

Hi missus, glad you're back - have missed your chat. Sorry to hear Mr Right Now is no longer, but good on you for not compromising yourself and "settling" for someone who wasn't Mr 100%. I'm no fan of being the singleton at weddings myself, but listen to this wee story I heard at the weekend:

My friend LS who lives in London has a terminally single friend, R. R was 35 and completely resigned to her fate. However, she went to a wedding, met a lovely man named D and fourth months down the line they are looking at buying a house together. R claims that the time she spent on her own was worth it as she has now met someone so perfect.

It gave me hope!

Curly K said...

CatGirl, where there's life there's hope. There is hope for us all. It's still very early days!