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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Power of Positive Thinking!

Well, well, well it works - this thinking positive mallarkey works! At the end of my last post I declared myself to be an eternal optimist and it paid off. Not only did I manage to find friends to go out with for one night on the town, I managed to to get out two nights on the town. However, the icing on the cake was that I actually got chatted up, not once, not twice but three feckin times in one night - fuck me that must be a record - three Irish men who approached in one night. Plus none of them were rat-arsed at the time, I must check to see if there was a full moon on Saturday night.

The first guy was handsome, witty and charming and there was a real buzz between us but in the end I told him to go with his friends who were leaving the bar for the diissco (which he was very reluctant to do - whey, hey!). Why? A number of reasons: firstly I reckoned he was younger than he was letting on (he was, sure he was only 26!), secondly he mad to travel and still in that really idealistic, madly enthusiastic stage of your early twenties (fantastic, energetic etc. but I've done all that already) and thirdly he was back only in town for the night from down the country. You know what, meeting that guy really, really cheered me up and restored my faith that there are still a few gems out there. He was only 26 and yet he had the balls to approach a woman directly, in a non-sleazy manner. He could hold a good conversation, was interesting and interested and lastly he clearly enjoyed meeting someone he could talk to, even if I had made it clear it was going no further. So yes ladies there are still some gems out there, even if they are not the one for you.

The second guy was a bit of jam, very easy on the eye, goddamned handsome. He was my age, friendly and again could hold a conversation (not as interesting as number one but to be fair we didn't get the chance to talk for as long) Unfortunately he had to leave to tend to his stag party duties but I'm always slightly dubious about guys on stags anyway.

Number three was a surprise. He was sort of standing beside us (lurking??) for a long time on Saturday night and he then began talking to me as he was waiting (for a very long time) to order a drink. Now I can't say that number three is exactly my type (not that I have a specific type) but he seems a lovely guy. He's about my age, friendly and warm and his friends are really nice (hate using the word nice, a former English teacher used to go mental about it being the most overused word in the English language but anyway!). I always think that people's friends are an important indicator of the type of person they are themselves - it doesn't bode well if someone you meet has friends who are all complete knobs!

So anyway, we were talking for a long time and when it was time to go home he asked for my number, which I gave him and blow me over but he phoned! That was the first time in a very long time that a man has asked for my number and actually called me. To be fair, I haven't actually been asked in a very long time but nine times out of ten even when I am asked they must wake up, take off their beer goggles and go "fuck me, I can't phone that wan!" (BTW, FYI the photo in my profile is not my actual photo so they may have a point!).

La, la, la, so I am feeling very good on Sunday. I've had a cracking night on Saturday, number three has phoned and tentatively made a date for next weekend (well I'm heading out with the girls that night, he's having a quiet night after having a few nights out in a row; it was a long weekend, and then we are both very busy with work for the week). The slap is on, I'm looking really good, if I say so myself, and I duly head out with the girls. We're having a good night, even managing to find seats amidst the mayhem meatmarket that late bars have become these days. Well, blow me down if I don't turn around and lo and behold if number three isn't standing beside me! His story was that he had been dragged out as the dessy (designated driver) for the night. Well, he and his friends joined our little group and a great nights' craic ensued. Good craic, easy chat, no expectations for the quick shag (let's be honest it's what a lot of guys are after - not that they get it!) with a laugh thrown in for good measure.

Well the current situation is that number three has phoned again and the tentative date for next weekend stands. Definitely don't think I've met "the one" or anything like that but I'm definitely up for meeting him again without the crowd to see how we get on - I've got nothing to lose and he's a lovely guy. So for now all I can say is watch this space.....

PS. Wonder if I "thunk" really positively about losing weight, my house becoming as pristine as Kim & Aggies' dreamhouse and my desk at work actually being cleared could I have the quickest life makeover ever seen!

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TheCatGirlSpeaks said...

You go girl! I'm inspired by you! (And am now optimistic that I'm going to meet a man this weekend. Or at least recycle an old one... )

doris said...

What changed? Did more available men suddenly appear or were you suddenly more open to them?

This is bloody fantastic by the way. You are on a roll - think of this guy #3 as a sign that there is someone out there for you. That way there is no pressure to shoehorn him to fit - the right one is out there for you and meanwhile you are being presented with all sorts of possibilities.

I love it :-)

Omaniblog said...

Wonderful. I knew you'd do it, when the time was right. Absolutely right, as soon as you labelled yourself "positive", you became that part.

In the old days, when I first came across you, you used to be different, and you got different results.

See, I only had to send you three of my friends...