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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Ooh I Wanna Dance with Somebody / Small Town Blues!

La la la la luh....... I got the Small Town Blues! Now, I know from long experience, that the Big Smoke can be a place where it' s hard to meet people and that it can feel so impersonal etc. etc.... and usually I enjoy living in a relatively small rural town in Ireland but on rare occasions I suffer from Small Town Blues (compounded no doubt by the Single Thirtysomething Blues!) and today is one of those days.

To be honest... I would love to meet a man.... there I've said it! Desperate I ain't; I would rather chew my arm off than be with someone for the sake of being in relationship but it would be great to meet a partner, someone to share your life with both the good times and the bad. Perfection or rugged good looks are not sought, however, intellect, sense of humour and kindness are essential.

The major problem in small town Ireland is that of where to meet people. Two main choices exist; the smaller local pub or the late-night bar / nightclub. If I go to my local pub I'm sure to get good conversation and a bit of fun but it's the same crowd everytime and the vast majority of men are spoken for already. The second option always feels like torture if you were hoping to meet someone, grand if you are out for a night of craic with the girls but hardly the place to meet a life partner.

Stop before you suggest I widen my horizons - I am trying here - ; last year I did two separate courses, first a creative writing course - met great people but the youngest man on the course was 65! The second course last year was a more academic university course - four great guys, two young ones in their very early twenties and two who will never have girlfriends but definitely have posters of Cher and Doris Day! Then I did the art class recently - two men well over 60 and one I used to babysit! With regard to work, I travel as much I can and have to go to a lot of conferences etc. and I also attend every social club event going so I am trying on that front too! If anyone has any further ideas on other things to do / places to go to meet people I'm open to all suggestions (except sports!)

Then there is the other problem of being single in small town Ireland - getting people to go out with when one feels up to braving the slaughter! (Every now and then when I have spent too many nights sitting in avoiding the pub scene, I give myself a reality check and remind myself that potential life partners ain't going to knock on my living room door!) For example, to all intents and purposes today is Friday for me as it's an extra long weekend this week - hooray! I would love to kick up my heals this weekend and brave the pub scene and I know that won't happen. All of my friends that live near are married/in very settled long-term relationships/have kids/are pregnant (think there is something in the air, half the women I know are currently with child!) etc. so the chances of me being inundated with people to go on the beer with are looking extremely slim but c'est la vie!

....but then you never know, I could end up going out and having a feckin ball! It's hard to keep an optimist down!

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doris said...

Oy! What's wrong with Doris Day?! ;-)

Internet dating I say.... I've probably said it before and it is like a cracked record now. No reason you can't find someone reasonably local-ish if that is your desire. My man-to-be was only a short train ride away even though I hadn't specified that as a requirement.

But I did have to first switch my mind to the idea I was going to find a man just for me and it sounds like you are doing similar. And then when he did "turn up" (some 8 months later) I didn't much like the look of him but was still strangely attracted. But he soon rocked my boat.

Keep the optimism flowing girl :-)

doris said...

PS. I love that song "I wanna dance with somebody who loves me". I can hear it in my mind.

Omaniblog said...

Yes, I know a few people who have found someone through internet dating.
A week's holiday in Lisdoonvarna in September? You could take some surfing lessons in Lahinch, go shopping in Ennisdimond and spend the evenings in the matchmaker's bar. I have reason to believe that there will be two young farmers there.

PS bring your CV. They like to know where your people are buried.

Curly K said...

Jesus, Omani, I could end up with a man from anywhere if I headed to Lisdoonvarna - but knowing me I'd end up with the complete knobs that have come along to get a wee woman! Pass - next suggestion please - although you never know I might just free up my diary for Sept!

Omaniblog said...

Now look. I'm reading your blog backwards, so I know what happened next.

There is nothing wrong with a man from anywhere. Everyman is from anywhere.

Similarly, there is nothing wrong with "wee" women. Sure half the women I know are trying to become wee.

I see you don't say anything about surfers. You got something against them too?

Good on you.

Curly K said...

Ah, Omani, don't you know I secretly have something against all men!!!