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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Material Girl

Tight-wads and miserable men all over Britain will be delighted to hear that Tesco are now selling engagement rings from as little as £47 stg. in the U.K.

If a man to arrived to woo me with a £47 engagement ring, he'd be told in no uncertain terms to shove said ring where the sun don't shine! Seriously, really far up where the sun the don't shine.

Truly I am not a material girl. As a financially independent woman I would never expect a guy to pay for everything etc. When out on a date I pay my half of the dinner bill and buy my rounds etc. Generally I am a very low maintenance woman. I hate shopping with a passion and don't spend a fortune on things like manicures/pedicures etc. Running costs are kept to a minimum at the hairdressers (cut & colour when necessary) and beauticians (really can't be arsed plucking the old eyebrows myself).

But there are somethings that just aren't negotiable as far as this lady is concerned and a cheap engagement ring is one of them. Good God, if he can't be arsed saving some money towards a decent ring when you're not even married, it don't say much about anything really! An engagement ring is a symbol of love that the lucky woman will wear for the rest of her days (all things going well, that is!) so despite not being a bling sort of woman ordinarily, in this instance I would certainly want something decent and a £47 ring hardly qualifies!

Of course I realise that engagement rings are very expensive and that it can be difficult for people but £47, come on - surely if he loves you, he'll make a little more effort, save a little harder!

In this instance it's certainly not only the thought that counts!


The Swearing Lady said...

My engagement ring cost... let's see, not far beyond that £47 when converted into euros. It was bought on the spur of the moment by a couple of poor eejits completely in love, and now that we're married, he's on about getting a "proper" replica made. I'm not having any of it. I love that ring to bits.

I suppose it depends, though. If the guy in question has a decent income and makes a premeditated decision to propose, and then buys a Tesco ring on the way home - well, then. It'd be a case of, Mr. Right Foot, please meet Mr. Cheaparse Boyfriend. Or Mr. Boyfriend's Cheap Arse. Whatever you prefer.

leonidaschocaholic said...

I dont think any woman who values herself as a human being should even have to explain or justify why she would not accept a £47 engagement ring!!I dont really like the term 'high maintanence woman,and why is it attributed to sex,yet i admit i use it myself at times,it generates an image of a woman being incapable of looking after herself or being someone who hass to be kept and looked after and considering women can earn their own wage.I do see your point an i am glad you had the social consience to raise the issue,especially if he does earn a good wage(in this celtic tiger economy),and as for men cashing in on equality,(fathering children,and not providing there is not excuese for it),bitching and moaning about fathers rights and generally taking the piss,are the type of men who would present their current idiot girlfriend wiht a £47 tesco ring,i know which ring id tell him to shove it in!!There is no place for this type of so called man anymore!

Anonymous said...

leonidas chocoholic

Curly K said...

Swearing Lady:
Thank God you have the common sense to see that I didn't mean any offense to those who have got their engagement rings for £47 or less. (But then anyone who reads your blog will already know you have a sense of humour and copious intelligence, which helps.

I am simply making a comment on cheap arses and more importantly my personal opinion, that while being in love is the most important part, for me, it's the one in thing in life which I would expect to be truly bling (within the context of his earnings of course!)

Young love and mad moments such as you describe are only to be admired and I agree with you not changing as that ring is symbol of your engagement.

Curly K said...


You are right, wanting an engagement ring that costs more than a night out requires no justification.

I have nothing against high maintenance men or women but agree that the phrase tends to be used more to describe women. It's just that I am really so not a high maintenance woman and generally expect all other financial arrangements in a relationship to be so equal that my wanting bling (if any bugger ever asks me!) is quite out of character for me.

Couldn't agree more about the assholes who spread their seed around like muck spreaders and never pick up the tab for the children. I've made my opinion about having numerous children irresponsibly quite clear in previous posts or comments where I mentioned not only errant fathers but mothers who also have failed to learn the basics about contraception when they can't afford children.

Curly K said...


Do you not like Leonidas Chocolates?

TheCatGirlSpeaks said...

Oh, man, if I'm ever lucky enough to get engaged, I would expect a bloody decent sparkler - after all, you're going to be wearing it for the rest of your days! Like you, I'll always pay my own way when I'm out, happy to treat a man to dinner and so on (and although I consider myself fairly high maintenance in terms of shopping/cosmetics etc, I'd never expect anyone else to fund that) but the engagement ring would be where the line was drawn!

Curly K said...

Catgirl, when you've waited as long as we have it's the least you expect!!!

doris said...

I'm afraid I beg to disagree! I don't sport a sparkler nor any sign of an engagement trinket. Just not Mr Doris' thing... and yet I wouldn't have thrown this particular baby out with the bath water.

So I wouldn't have minded even a £47 sparkler.

We do wear matching gold bands inscribed with some beautiful text but that's about it.

I have always had my mind set on a fabulous full eternity ring channel set and I reckon one day I am just going to have commisioned just what I want and then put Mr Doris into a fait acomplis ;-)

PS. A friend of mine and her fiance called the wedding off and he is expecting her to pay him for the engagement ring because, at the moment, she wants to keep it. Apparently he says the ring is a contract.... in which case I am jolly glad not to have had any such symbols thrust on me unless it was done in a mutual fashion.

I'm off to see what Tesco have on offer..... ;-)

Curly K said...

Doris, I think you're right to consider presenting Mr. Doris with a fait accomlis :-)