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Sunday, April 23, 2006


As I've mentioned before, like most bloggers, when I began this blog I never thought anyone would read it but this week my stat counters reliably inform me that the blog has had over 1,000 unique visits. I've set them up so my visits are not counted and that only unique visits are counted so that I don't get an inflated figure (I've always been one to deal with the bottom line!). I can't believe that anyone reads the bleedin thing but there you have it, a few select (well I like to think so) individuals actually log on and check in every now and then.

Unlike Redmum and Paige who have both written about the weird and wonderful searches that bring readers to their sites, as yet I have had no really strange searches leading people to the blog. I'm sure all good things come in time!

The stat counters show that the visits come mainly from Ireland, the UK, the USA, Australia and Canada but also from countries such as India, Spain, Belgium, Norway, Portugal and even Japan!

When I logged back onto the Business Opportunities Weblog (there is a link in the side panel) to find out how much my blog is supposedly worth (all light hearted fun methinks!) apparently its worth has now risen to $5,080.86 since I last logged onto the site about two or three weeks ago. However, as Conor discussed recently I don't think I'll be giving up the day job anytime soon!

It's strange though, I was standing in the airport the other day waiting to check in for my flight home and I got a text from a relation who has obviously been given the heads up re the blog from other relations. (You know who you are - keep in touch re the subject previously discussed Mrs.!) Jokingly I denied knowledge of this blog to which she replied it was strange that both and Curly K were out of the country at the same time!

So to all those regular readers (I owe you all a drink or two - well it won't exactly break the bank with my current circulation!) I just want to say thank, keep reading the drivel 'cos I intend to keep writing it for the forseeable future!

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Damien Mulley said...

Congrats on the millenium.

Curly K said...

Thank you Damien, glad you logged on - my readership just gets more and more illustrious!

TheCatGirlSpeaks said...

It's a funny one, isn't it? I was exactly the same and figured no-one would read my blog, but just liked the idea of it. I suppose there's a frustrated author in all of us! I don't have anything as sophisticated as a stats counter, but I put a hit thingy on it at the end of last year and am delighted to see that people are actually reading it. I love getting comments and am sad enough to like the idea of having "virtual friends". (Yes, I really do need to find a man and get myself a life!!!)

Curly K said...

Catgirl, we all like getting comments and feeling that someone is at least "getting" some of what we say. But yes, like me you do need to find a man and get a life. Maybe if we had lives we wouldn't be blogging in the first place! We could be too busy with kids and husbands... but then we'd probably be wishing we had the luxury of being able to blog - we will never be happy obviously :-)