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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I'm coming out, I want the world to know.....or do I?

Don't get excited I'm only talking about my blogging. I began this blog very quietly, never expecting that it would be found by anyone let alone that it would actually be read by bloggerati as esteemed as Redmum, JL, Omani, Knackered Kaz, CatGirlSpeaks, Doris, Conor, Paige and Kev!

So I told no-one I was in the blogosphere - one person who shall remain nameless did log on and hint that they had an idea who I was but they didn't out me. However at the weekend, against my better judgement in some ways, I told some of my family. The sister's husband is now convinced that I spend my time in Chatrooms and some of the others who are completely non-technical just don't understand the concept of blogging.

In one way it's great that at least one or two people that I know will be logging on and can act as critics as and when is necessary but in another way is a place where I can vent, at whatever level I chose, whether generally or on a more personal level and I don't want to feel censored by the thoughts that I might offend those I care about.

But those of you who log on regularly (all three or four of you!)will know I'm eternal optimist and it will probably be a good thing that some people I care about will be in the know. As for going any further with the "outing" process - that's still a long way off - if ever.

Still relatively annonymously yours

Curly K

BTW: Check out what could be the future female Twenty; The Swearing Lady on The Arse End of Ireland it's a relatively new blog but the girl's got a big future in the Irish Blogosphere!

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Conor said...

Outing surely is a two-edged sword. My Da reads my blog and then prints it out for my Ma to read!

They discuss many blog posts with me, but funnily enough "the cock chair" hasn't come up yet.

Curly K said...

Ah well, at least they've turned the tables - you know where usually it's the Ma updating the Da on all the goings on in the lives of "les sprogs"!

I'd say it's highly unlikely that the Cock Chair will come up in conversation anytime soon but feck you for mentioning it as I now want to log on and read it despite it being way past my bedtime and having to yet pack for my trip in the middle of the night.

TheCatGirlSpeaks said...

How funny - I "came out" to one of my friends the other week when she was saying that we could write better novels than Marianne Keyes. I didn't reveal the URL though, just that I was a tech-head. Or something.

doris said...

You just made me splutter my latte having read my name in that context. LOL

Good for you for outing. I've only outed to a very few that I feel I can trust. It is fun to have people who know about you from the real world in on the know. But you have to be careful that these are people you never need to rant about!

KnackeredKaz said...

Ah the blogerati? Little ol me? You're too kind, sure I can barely switch on my computer (smoke billowing from the side is good right?).

Thanks though! And don't worry too much about 'coming out'. Everyone I know knows that I do a blog. I have a pic of me up (probably the reason why I'm still single!) but that's as far as it goes. I don't reveal any personal details about my life, my family or my work. And it's grand.

Keep on blogging!

Omaniblog said...

"I don't reveal any personal details about my life, my family or my work..."

Even if it's all a spoof, I still know quite a lot about you..

Curly K said...

Omani, do you mean me or Kaz? I try not to reveal too much really personal stuff like Kaz but I do think you still get a sense of who someone is just from reading even general writing.