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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Obese, Ugly Single Man Not Seeking Same - Part II

Well folks, it seems my last post Obese, Ugly Single Man Not Seeking Same has opened a can of worms! This is very complicated. I received an email from Nessie, which I have pasted below for you. According to Nessie, the original post I linked to was posted by a guy called SmashtheLeft, who has been blacklisting Nessie for quite sometime as Nessie, in his role as moderator on the San Francisco Indymedia website, has moderated and banned SmashtheLeft's racist, anti-semitic comments.

Apparently I've managed to put myself right in the line of fire between the Right and Left. However, apologies to Nessie for my inadvertant perptuance of SmashtheLeft's campaign. Whilst I don't hold with Nessie's conspiracy theory view it doesn't offend me but I most certainly do not hold with any anti-semitic or indeed any other racist or hate views.

So, folks, Curly K, has managed to land right in the excrement whilst trying to have a lighthearted stab at the power of positive thinking!

"Please be aware that the Indymedia thread entitled "Obese, Ugly Single Man Not Seeking Same" was not actually written or posted by me. It's a forgery, one of literally thousands that are part of a political smear campaign against me that is being conducted primarily by a single person, a notorious right wing troll who calls himself "SmashTheLeft."

Google "nessie Indymedia" and you will see the scope of this smear campaign. This guy hates me because, in my capacity as one of the moderators at San Francisco Indymedia (
http://sf.indymedia.org), I banned him from posting. He apparently has some mental issues, and acts out online. He is obsessed with me. I've become his personal white whale. He slanders me and forges my name to lies on Indymedia almost every single day. On occasion, he also threatens my life. He's not the only one, either. My politics has earned me a number of unscrupulous enemies. They employ what in the intelligence trade is called "black propaganda" in an attempt to discredit me, and impede my ability to function as an effective, grassroots political organizer.

Black propaganda is a very old psychological warfare technique. Consider, for example, this incident from the Irish War of Independence:

That was then. Then the target was members of the Irish independence movement, This is now. Now I'm a target, primarily because of my work as an activist in Indymedia and in the Global Justice Movement in general.

Here's one Irish person's take on the phenomenon. His name is Anthony and he is an active member of Ireland-Indymedia:

Here's more about SmashTheLeft:

Here's some stuff that I actually *did* write:

Thank you for your time. If you choose to remove the forgery from your blog, I and many IMCistas would be most grateful. At least please post a disclaimer, so that people who read your blog wont be mistaken about the truth of the matter. Thanks in advance"

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Kev said...

Morning Curly,


Better get your flak jacket on I'd say (at the very least some flame retardant underwear).

Right now i think the best thing to do is dig a trench to hide in!

;-) heh heh

doris said...

Gosh - just goes to show that we can't believe what we hear. Instead we need to tip toe carefully through all the doo-doos.

TheCatGirlSpeaks said...

Curly K, don't say I'm not good to you, but here is a gift. (I had to look very hard through old emails to find this link, so I do hope you like it!)


This is real, I swear. This guy is one of our regular "characters". Loving it!

Curly K said...

KEV - Morning, good to have you back! I might need to buy a flak jacket but the underwear has always been flame retardant ;-}

DORIS - You're right about the doo-doos and the hardest thing is that I can't fully work out exactly where they are in this situation. Looked through some of the links in his email but it just seems like a huge bitch-fest when you don't know the full story!

CATGIRL - You really are too good. Yer man isn't for real, is he? If he is, it's a wonder you haven't already snapped up an eligible piece of manhood yourself

TheCatGirlSpeaks said...

He is, I swear, he's frequently seen walking round town wearing a sandwich board to promote his website. Quite special.

Curly K said...

Well there you go CATGIRL and you always bemoaning being single and the lack of good available men - sure you're obviously too hard to please - if you weren't you'd have jumped him long ago!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have encountered

Obese, Ugly Single Man Not Seeking Same.

many times on several IMC sites and nessie does lurk there, and yes he does try to pitch woo to any woman who posts to the story. nessie has a history of posting some controversial stories. Then claims forgery when called to the carpet by angry IMC editors. did nessie write this, go to
and judge for your self.
but do not be suprised if you see a lot of angry posts from nessie, you have
(nessie is ;bot attack)

Anonymous said...

Hi girls I wanted to drop by and post my new link. I have backes off of editing at the SFIMC and I have started my U-tube site.
I saw the person claiming to be nessie (me) but let me assure you that this is an imposter that undermines every one of my articles he can find. With my political news group I have so many projects that I don't have time for a social life.
and my article "not seeking same" was the answer to my problem
I can now be a full time political activist and have a meaningful social life as well.
I have now expanded on to U-Tube
for your convenience

so as you can see this IS the real me!
have fun the real nessie