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Thursday, May 18, 2006



Driving home from a meeting down the country this evening I was listening to the Matt Cooper on Today FM. He had some lady on from the Mothers at Home group responding to some expert they had on the programme yesterday who had advocated teenagers wait till they are ready to have sex and do so in a responsible safe way. Yer wan from the Mothers at Home group came on to say that the only truly safe sex was within the confines of a marriage. Dear God, it's Curly K here, please let me get married very soon - I've waited long enough!


It's really good to see that the incumbent Government cherishes those who work day in and out to provide its services. Bertie has now had a pop at the former Chief Executive and Management team of Aer Lingus, accusing them of trying to steal the company's assets. This follows on from Mary Harney's scurrilous remarks about nurses not so long ago as well as the continuing efforts to force, FAS workers and other public servants to leave their homes and move out of Dublin, through reduced promotion opportunities etc. Perhaps they should re-evaluate their own performances and indeed substantial payrises during their own terms of office before saying anything further. The Government's successes to date with solving the health crisis, lack of proper transport infrastructure, proper educational facilities and adequate services for our most vunerable in society etc. have hardly been outstanding. Rather farcical is a word that comes to mind when one analyses the Government's performance. However, this did not deter nice fat pay rises and ever decreasing work days in the Dail - keep goin lads, the elections are fast approaching!


I also heard on the radio that somewhere in Co. Longford today a man was spotted driving his car slowly whilst wheeling one of those distance measuring wheel thingies - jaysus, that's what I call lazy!

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doris said...

On Safe Sex: so, suddenly within a marriage you can't give or receive STIs? Can't get pregnant when you didn't want one/another baby? Huh?

On Laziness: I suppose he didn't have a long enough tape measure!

Julie Midas said...

Re the man with the distance measuring device: Erm... I may be missing something here, but would it not have been easier to just use the odometer in his car?!

Curly K said...

Doris: You are wicked, leave the poor man's measurements alone :-)

Julie: He probably needed a very precise measurement. Plus I don't think he was travelling very far, roadworks here in Ireland ain't exactly like working on the Autobahns in Germany!

The Swearing Lady said...

Safe sex within marriage? I find that it's much more dangerous to have one night stands when you're married, as it leads to spousal jealousy.

Curly K said...

Yes but you love living dangerously Swearing Lady and after all what's a whack with a frying pan or other household instrument between spouses?