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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Material Girl - Part II

Well, if you've managed to get someone to buy you the £47 stg. engagement ring as discussed in my Material Girl post. I have just found the perfect wedding dress for you - yours for the princely sum of £65stg from ASDA!

Photo (c) http://www.george.com/womens/bridalwear/1/


TheCatGirlSpeaks said...

Ah, now this I have no problem with. Cheap engagement ring, no thank you, but bargain frock - yes please! I struggle with the idea of spending thousands on a dress that you'll only wear once, even if it is your only opportunity to dress up like a fairy after the age of six. I'd rather have lots of fabulous honeymoon costumes!

KnackeredKaz said...

Actually that's not a bad dress! My sister had a similar (she'll probably kill me for this!) one in that it was a bodice and a skirt, kinda strapless off the shoulder...and apart from the fact that her one had a small train and kinda baubles (sounds odd I know) sewn on to the skirt....this Asda one looks remarkably like it! My sister's cost a helluva lot more though!!

I'm with Cat Girl, once it looks nice and feels 'right' on you, then I'm all for cheap dresses!

Paige A Harrison said...

Curly K, engagement rings, wedding dresses .... are you trying to tell someone something?

Kev said...


If only I had known about these last september, could have saved myself a packet.


Curly K said...

CATGIRL - I agree that spending money on a dress that you wear for one day doesn't make sense but I'm betting that the ASDA dresses don't have anything suitable for the larger lady!

KAZ - You're right, your sister is going to murder you :-)and it's not a bad dress

PAIGE - Absolutely not trying to tell you anything, I just thought it was a good follow-up to the engagement ring post!

KEV - Don't let E hear you say that or like Kaz you could be in big trouble :-)

TheCatGirlSpeaks said...

I bet Asda do - they're part of Walmart so they cater for the American sized market. Not that I am looking for a wedding dress (!) but I often check out their clothes - it's usually tricky to find a size 12, but there are always tons of size 18 upwards.

Curly K said...

Whey hey, so I can go up North and get a cheap wedding dress if I ever need one - PAIGE, you'll be the first to know!!!

doris said...

As long as it fits in all the right places then very nice.

Something I regret about my wedding ..... I bought a bargain wedding dress on sale for some £300 from a London store and I really should have had a seamstress make it fit better. I looked nice and all but it wasn't perfect. (Fitted bodice, gorgeous beadwork, fabulous bow bustle - it was really lovely though.)

I'm also very sorry I scrimped on the mad prices of veils. I made my own and even though it was a nice voile it still didn't hang perfect.

Please learn from my mistakes!


planetpotato said...

Does the model come with the dress?

Omaniblog said...

Terible. Awful. How depressing to see this photo. We have been trying hard to damage the stereotypical image imposed on women by the fashion industry. And here, of all places, I find the archetype.
Plese delete this photo asap.
The price, the value, the quality per euro, seem brilliant but the image is disgusting.
I don't know a single woman who'd fit it.

Curly K said...

DORIS: I'm sure you looked stunning and that no-one else noticed the slight flaws that you think were there on the day :-)

PLANETPOTATO: Not sure that you get the model thrown in for a mere £65stg but if you're determined I'm sure if you look on some of the Russian Bride sites you'll get what you're after ;-)

OMANI: You think the photo is bad, actually trying to buy a dress is a lot worse - all the sample dresses are made for a size 10-12 and for someone 5ft 11" - cos there are so many like that in Ireland!!

I understand what you are saying about the stereotypical photo and why you think I should delete it but that is the dress discussed in the post as it is actually advertised.

Plus, much as it annoys me, like you, unfortunately it is a more accurate depiction of the dresses that are available in bridal shops. Sure, you can get them made bigger etc. but when you go shopping initially there's not a lot to try on if you ain't skinny and thats the reality of the situation.