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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Five little known facts about Curly K

My eccentric Spanish friend Manuel Stimulation has tagged me to reveal five little known facts about myself so here goes:
  1. I was once caught with my knickers down at my knees in public! I was about seven or eight at the time and we'd been sent down the road to look for a missing dog or child, I honestly can't remember. Anyway off we went in search of the missing being and got to the end of our road and onto the next road where there was a factory located at the time. We went into the field where the factory was and I needed to wee really badly so with a little encouragement from the others I assumed the position and was mid pee when a man from the factory came around the corner to move us out of the field - die! I don't think I've ever been as embarrassed since!
  2. I was pretty much a goody goody at school and never mitched or got in trouble with the teachers. I only got put in detention once for not cleaning the classroom when rostered to do so and that only happened because it was the first day back after the holidays and I honestly didn't know I was supposed to!
  3. I once lost out on a pay-rise because I went out for a drink with a guy - that drink cost me about £2,000 IR. I was on a business trip abroad with my boss and clients and this guy had joined our company several times and offered to show us around as he was working in the country on a long-term contract. At the time the clients said "You go, you're the young one in the group, us oldies aren't interested..." my boss agreed with the clients and said I should go but I subsequently learned, after I had left the company that she held back my pay-rise because I had gone out for the drink!!!
  4. I've recently developed a slight sunglasses fetish - hey when you're fat with broad feet it's a hell of a lot easier than having a shoe or clothes fetish!
  5. Sometimes when my brain is in overdrive and I'm having a thinking overload day I wonder if I'm normal - is that normal?

So there you have it, five little known facts about me, clearly not as exciting as Manuel's but what can I do! I therefore tag CatGirl, Conor, Paige, Doris and Omani. Feel free not to do it and likewise if I haven't tagged you and you would like to share with the group go ahead!


Conor said...

You really have been offline! Mine here from a while back where I tagged you!

Curly K said...

Whoops but as you say I really was offline for my time-out. Think I'm cross-dominant as well as although I write righthanded use my left for a lot of other things and can actually write (not brilliantly) with my left

Cat said...

Hi missus, sorry I've not been by to welcome you back sooner. I too have done this:

Wednesday, December 20, 2006
Knowing Me, Knowing You

Gordon threw out an open invitation to this meme, and I have picked up the gauntlet. Like he says, trickier than it looks. Which either means I am a fabulously open person, or a complete blabbermouth.

Five Things You Don't Know About Me

1) Every night I share my bed with a moth-eaten Andrex dog called James who's been with me since childhood, and a Jungle Book elephant called Colonel Hati who's a mere infant in comparison. No other soft toys reside in the Cat House.

2) I failed my maths O'Grade (equivalent to an English GCSE) a grand total of four times. I even had a tutor. He was rubbish.

3) I was mid-way through my first year at university before I lost my virginity. I'd made up my mind to wait until it was special. And it was. I was Mistress Of Everything But prior to then though.

4) As a child I was bullied quite horribly. I was bullied for being clever (!) and I was bullied for talking "posh". Consequently, I became a solitary, bookish little girl, winning me no friends and earning me the new name "snob". Which was nice.

5) Despite my crippling fear of needles, I got a real thrill when I had my belly button pierced ten years ago. Perhaps there is a masochist in me just waiting to make herself known...

Knowing Me, Knowing You - ABBA

Doris said...

That really sucks about the pay rise!

I may take up your offer not to do it but who knows ;-)

Manuel Estimulo said...

Muchas gracias, Crurly K. I feel I know you so much better now!

chitty said...

Hi K, glad to see you back again. When I read the first 1, my jaw dropped. Thank God you were only 7!

yummymummy said...

As a distant relative(ahem!), I could possibly add another 5 facts but the most important one is to remind you that it's not your fault you don't clean - remember God donated all the cleanaholic genetics to your sister- who can be a right anal cow when it comes to cleaning!!!Still she too is to be pitied. GREAT TO HAVE YOU BACK MISSUS.A wonderful respite from the joys of breastfeeding,nappies, puke etc.etc.

Kev said...

Sunglasses..... know where you're coming from there. I have rather too many pairs.

Ray Ban seems to be a common make for me (OK, so I know someone who works for B&L the people who make the lenses). And aren't aviators back in (or was that last year??).


Doris said...

I can't believe I missed your Spanish friend's name the first time!!!!

Hope you are keeping well.

Doris said...

And now I have re-branded but you still haven't popped in here?

Hope it is going well your end :-)