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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Review of Nigella Express, BBC 2

"In general great receipes but absolute drivel to watch!"

Up until recently I'd really liked Nigella Lawson, I liked her down-to-earth style, her great attitude to food and cooking, her love of comfort foods and even the fact that whilst she is far from the recently popular concept of beauty i.e. very young, very skinny, very bronzed and very blonde she exuded the alluring appeal of a real, beautiful woman!

However, her recent outing in Nigella Express, where she supposedly showcases quick and easy food, is appalling. It's so set-up, false and twee its actually nauseating.

Give it a miss and buy the book where at least you can see what she has to offer receipe wise without the torture of having to watch her fawn to the camera, salivate over the food and pretend to have enough annoying friends and family to sink the Titantic!

Rated 1/5 on Nov 27 2007
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yummymummy said...

LOL....perhaps a solemn lesson in there for all us wannna be hostesses...;)

Curly K said...

Perhaps indeed yummymummy!

Doris said...

Oh I am so with you on this one. I love cookery programmes of any sort but in the end couldn't stomach this cr*p. It has put me off the whole genre of including family and friends to eat the food - so staged and super perfect family. And another one (like Barefoot Contessa) who makes food and a mess and then is seen to be departing the room/house leaving the mess. Then what is the point of that five minute soup for someone in a hurry if it has taken the crew ten minutes to cut/prepare and no doubt a cleaning crew to clean up afterwards.

Yes - t'would be safe to say I feel strongly about this one!